There are literally hundreds of auto repair shops in Tampa Florida to choose from when you need some auto repairs. Tampa has hundreds of thousands of cars on the road, all of which must be serviced and repaired periodically. When it comes to auto repairs, you need a shop that has quality auto mechanics, fair prices and auto repair flexibility/ versatility. Imagine needing an auto repair and taking your car to your local dealer for repairs. Dealerships charge over a hundred dollars an hour and may or may not have the patience or skill to repair your car. In fact, some dealerships will withhold prudent information that could help you save money in the long run on auto repairs. Now imagine the same repair at a cheap auto repair shop in Tampa. You may end up needing to take your car to another auto mechanic shop to undo the damage you received unintended. These are good reasons that auto mechanics receive a bad name and this is what makes people scared to go to the auto repair shop.

These are all reasons that have empowered Guy’s Automotive to become a dealer alternative. Here at Guy’s Automotive, there are many reasons that separate Guy’s Automotive from their competition. Here are 10 good reasons why you should choose Guy’s Automotive over all of the other repair shops for auto repair in Tampa Florida:

  1. Oil Changes/ Oil Service:

    Guy’s Automotive performs oil changes/ oil service for their customers. We feel it is important to start at the basics of an oil change so that your vehicle can be visually inspected by an ASE certified technician. Many car problems can simply be spotted just by having the right eyes on your car. This can save the customer time and money by correcting problems at the early stages.

  2. Maintenance Schedule:

    The maintenance schedule is the manufacturers recommended service schedule custom picked for your exact year, make and model automobile. Guy’s Automotive can look up and inform you of your current required services as well as possible missed past due and upcoming future maintenance services. Everything from timing belts, spark plugs, oil changes and fluid flushes are very important to upkeep your car, truck, van or suv. Not only can Guy’s Automotive inform you, they can perform these services at a fair price. Maintenance is very important to Guy’s Automotive When performed timely and properly, maintenance can save and or prolong the life of your automobile by thousands of miles.

  3. Brakes:

    Brakes keep you safe and stop your automobile every time you drive. Guy’s Automotive can perform brake repairs and replacements at a reasonable price. All types of brakes can be properly repaired without over selling the job like some of the rip off brake chain companies. The goal of a brake job is to install brakes that last and do not make noises without jeopardizing your safety. Not only can Guy’s Automotive perform brake jobs, they can repair all types of brake systems like ABS, ASC, VSC, DSC, traction control and even complex hybrid brake systems.

  4. AC Repairs:

    After repairing auto ac for years, Guy’s Automotive can say one thing. Ac systems are often misdiagnosed by competitors and this costs the customer hundreds of unnecessary dollars on auto ac repairs in Tampa Florida. Guy’s Automotive has trained auto mechanics that can diagnose and repair not only the mechanical ac components, but can also diagnose and repair the electronics as well. With the extreme heat in Tampa Florida, air conditioning is a must so these repairs are very important.

  5. Auto Body Repairs/ Collision Repairs:

    Getting high quality auto body repairs is crucial to the looks of your vehicle after an accident or mishap. Poor auto body work and paint work shows soon after the repairs were made and this can make your automobile look bad. Guy’s Automotive strives to not only safely repair your accident damage, but put the absolute best paint and materials on your car so that the finished product looks great and lasts. Guy’s Automotive tries to help you restore your car, truck, van or suv back to its original look or better with every auto body/ collision repair.

  6. Major Repairs:

    Some auto repair shops stay clear from major repairs on automobiles. Dealers try and sell you the most expensive engines and or transmissions they can to avoid major repairs. Guy’s Automotive can properly perform every type of major repair possible on engines and transmissions. With options like repairs, new replacements, rebuilt replacements, rebuilding and used replacements, all types of major repairs can be performed in all price ranges at Guy’s Automotive.

  7. Minor Repairs:

    Minor repairs can range from anything from power windows and locks to alternators and starters. Guy’s Automotive can properly perform minor repairs , fix oil leaks, repair all systems on a vehicle and even help you prioritize repairs to help you stay within your budget. Many auto repair shops in Tampa Florida can perform minor repairs, but Guy’s Automotive gets the job done right.

  8. Tune-ups:

    One day, all cars will need a tune-up. Every auto repair shop has different opinions on what a tune-up really is. Guy’s Automotive knows what it takes to perform a tune-up properly and can achieve this on each tune-up performed. Quality and skill is required to perform a tune-up that keeps your engine running great and last as long as the tune-up should. Guy’s Automotive has a saying, either do a tune-up right or don’t do it at all.

  9. Electrical Repairs/ Computer Repairs:

    Guy’s Automotive is one of the leading auto repair shops in Tampa Florida that performs electrical repairs. Everything from computer replacement, computer reprogramming and all types of electrical problems or shorts are solved at Guy’s Automotive. Even the competitors rely on the skill of the Guy’s Automotive mechanics to solve some of the most complex computer and electrical problems in the entire Tampa Bay area. In fact, customers bring cars in from all over the state of Florida to benefit from the electrical skills of Guy’s Automotive.

  10. Computer Diagnostics:

    Auto repair in Tampa Florida revolves around the diagnostics. Guy’s Automotive uses state of the art computer technology and equipment to accurately diagnose all types of automotive computer systems. Being able to seek out the problem as well as any potential underlying problems are specialties of the technicians at Guy’s Automotive. No matter if you drive an old fuel injected car, an exotic car, a hybrid or an electric car, Guy’s Automotive can diagnose and repair all types of automobiles.

Specializing on most auto makes and models, Guy’s Automotive is a leader when it comes to auto repair in Tampa Florida.

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