Nissan is among one of the top of the Japanese automotive imports in the USA. There are some problems among some of the 2007 Nissan trucks and suvs that Nissan has pretty much ignored. These issues include the radiator going bad and contaminating the transmission with coolant thus causing an expensive transmission failure / repair. The 2007 Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier, and the Xterra seem to keep having a similar fate. Around the 80,000 mile mark, the transmission is failing. Once the repairs are performed, it is imperative to find the underlying source of the problem, the radiator. These transmission repairs on the Nissan’s Jatco RE5R01A, RE5R05A, RL4R01A and RE4R01A are not cheap and, if the radiator is not replaced, the problem will just reoccur.

If these problems are caught early enough, the valve body, in which includes the transmission computer, can be changed with minimal transmission problems remaining. The coolant and water that leaks into the transmission usually takes out the computer first, however the coolant / water mix easily dissolves the clutch material inside the rest of the transmission and can ruin the entire transmission. Nissan has reduced the costs of these valve bodies in the recent times, but has not recalled these models for the radiator problems.

People take for granted that a radiator should last on any vehicle. In most cases it is true. Automotive mechanics can look at most radiators and inform the owner of the vehicle when a radiator is leaking externally. When a radiator leaks internally into the transmission, it is not as easy to detect fast. Usually by the time it is detected, it is too late for the transmission. The big problem is that most Nissan truck and suv owners follow the recommended service schedule, but the mechanic usually can’t catch this type of problem in time to save the transmission. Here is a case where a bad design flaw of a radiator is costing Nissan owners thousands of dollars. Not good press for a company that usually has a good reputation for quality and dependability.

Nissan’s Jatco RE5R01A, RE5R05A, RL4R01A and RE4R01A ant heir predecessors have been great transmissions for Nissan cars, trucks, vans and suvs for years. A very dependable transmission is getting a bad reputation due to a faulty radiator. With dozens of consumer agencies all reporting the same complaints as well as Nissan receiving them directly, one must ask the question, “ Why is Nissan not doing anything about these problems?”. While we don’t have the answer for that, all we can do is try and help prevent as many of these problems as we can by writing to inform all Nissan owners that have these 2007 Nissan trucks and suvs that are affected by this plague.

By Guy’s Automotive
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