Car crashes happen everyday in the Tampa Bay Florida area. It is the inevitable fate that eventually creeps up even on the most safest and experienced drivers. With so many different kinds of automobiles on the road, finding a great auto body repair shop in Tampa Florida can be a challenge. Today’s automobiles come in all shapes, sizes and types therefore a versatile auto body repair center that performs quality body repairs is important to know of. With air bag systems, aluminum frames, unibody frames, martens tic ultra strength high strength steel frames, (HSLA) high strength low alloy frames, complicated computer and fiber optic systems and high tech parking assist, navigation and perimeter warning systems, auto body repairs have achieve an all time high in technology. Most new cars of today are far more advanced and require special tools, training, certifications and experience to properly perform major auto body repair work.

Minor automotive repair body work after small collisions now have many newer techniques to save the driver money on repairs and, in a high tech way, get the repair job done much more efficiently than autos of years past. It is like auto body repair / collision repair work goes through eras of proper procedures to perform auto body repair. Back in time, auto body repair had thick steel frames and panels and required very heavy duty methods and frame machines to straighten the main auto frames and panels used lots of bondo to bond to the panels, doors, hood, trunk, and fenders to get the car or truck ready for auto painting. The methods were hard and the paint contained lead which is very bad to inhale in large amounts during sanding procedures.

In the 60’s, car manufactures started trying to lighten up the vehicles to try and get more muscle power by using unibody designs. Unibody eliminated the main steel frames in the automobiles which significantly reduced the weight. Unibody is much easer to work with when repairing collision repairs. Unibody cars from this era setup the next eras with a great light duty frame that was still adequate for the job of strengthening the vehicle.

In the 80’s, the Japanese cars started the era with most of the vehicles all unibody and smaller designs to make the cars light weight and better on gas. Unibody came a long way in this era setting up standards that the German cars caught on to and even the American cars started to realize the cost and safety was more beneficial using unibody.

In the 2000’s almost every car went to unibody and cutting corners and increasing safety designs in the frames started to become the standards. The previous cars were lighter and had less metal, so after impacts with the older cars, these cars would get damaged in a horrifying way upon hard impact collisions. This is why the safety systems such as airbags, frames designed to wrinkle at specific points to crumble up frame areas to keep cars safer and keep the front and rear collisions from reaching the cabin area as much as possible.

Now in the 2010 and up era, cars are rethinking the metals in the frames, In some instances to make low cost yet high strength frames to keep cars from damaging so easily and increase fuel mileage per gallon and increase safety even more. Multi stage airbag systems that are fully aware of he passenger to help safely activate air bags in case of an accident for the type of passengers in your vehicle.

With all of these improvements, there are new techniques, equipment, training and tools to repair these cars right. Make sure that when you have a collision or accident in Tampa Florida, you research your auto body repair shop in Tampa FL to ensure your car will recover after an accident and look as well as it did when it was new. Whether you have an European car like Audi, VW, Mercedes, Bmw, Jaguar or Volvo, or a American car like Ford, Dodge or GM. Whether you have a Japanese or unique Asian car, choose a quality repair shop that you have checked out online, with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) , your friends or in person and make sure that your are treated well and your car is in safe handle sit having a very experienced auto body mechanic working on your car. Make sure the auto body shop has the latest equipment that pertains to your car and uses the top quality paints and shop supplies to get your repaired quickly and correctly

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