Automotive restoration can be a life changing event for older cars that have already seen their lives pass them by. It is like a face lift for an automobile restoring the luster it once had. Like being born again in automotive terms, an automotive restoration can make a huge impact on how a vehicle looks when the restoration has been performed properly. The process of automotive restoration should include all aspects of each system of the vehicle.

Restoration work is not all auto body work, paint work or a massive engine. It is an art of taking the vision of an automobile and bringing it back to life.; Some restorations are performed to rebuild a vehicle back to stock, while other auto restorations modify and create a state of the art version of the vehicle building it to modern standards.

Automotive restorations should basically go through the same processes. Disassembly of the entire body of the vehicle is a must. Removal of chrome, trim work, bumpers and glass ensure the body can be worked properly. Complete restoration will remove the entire interior and drive train leaving the shell of the car, truck, van or suv being restored.; A complete assessment should be determined so that there is a complete understanding of what is to be restored, upgraded, repaired or replaced.

After disassembly, the body must be cleaned and stripped. All of the body panels must be free of rust or repaired accordingly. Sandblasting is sometimes used to strip the entire finish off the frame or body. Once you have a bare metal surface, the metal must be worked until it is perfectly straight. High quality primer and paints are then applied to optimize the life and look of the finished products.

Interior work is assessed to create the proper look for the finished restored project. Some interior work should be as close to original as possible while other interior work is simply automotive artwork. The interior brings out the life and feel of an automobile. The instrument panel should include the proper gauges, radio, lighting and accessories. All door panels, head liners and carpet should reflect the image being projected by the interior. Seats can be stock or customized to achieve a sport or classic feel. Every aspect from replacing, re-dying or restoring should have absolute attention to ensure the final look is perfect.

Drivetrain is a must to properly restore an automobile. When a drivetrain is removed from the chassis, it should be fully inspected and discussed with the customer so that the auto restoration shop and the customer are on the same page for what is to be expected. Engine work, transmission work, brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust and wheels all make the difference when a fully restored vehicle is looked at after it is completed. Chrome parts, glossy painted parts, aluminum and titanium can all make a difference on appearance. Brakes can be stock, upgraded to modern styles or even built up to race quality braking. Suspension can also be stock or can be completely modified to just about any type of suspension you want. Exhaust makes the sounds you want but also has to look great. Wheels stick out the most, rims and tires should be carefully picked since this can make or break the look of the entire vehicle.

Some automotive restoration is just to spruce up an existing look of a vehicle. You may have an older car that already looks pretty good but you want it to be back to like new condition. In these cases, little as possible work may be performed to spruce up the look of the entire vehicle. This is a partial restoration where maybe the drivetrain is rebuilt or just the body is repainted. Partial restorations are good when the overall vehicle is in fairly great shape. This type of restoration should be thoroughly examined by the customer and the auto mechanic to see which areas of the vehicle need the attention and which areas are ok as is. After a complete overall examination, a plan of action is created and executed to restore the vehicle up to a quality car condition.

Picking the right auto restoration shop can make all of the difference for you and your vehicle. Whether you need auto restoration in Tampa or anywhere else, it may be worthwhile to take a vehicle a long distance away to achieve the goal you desire. The auto restoration shop should be able to take the time and care you need to get a finished product. The overall results of the restoration is what everyone will see, so when you spend your money on a restoration, make sure the shop you choose has the experience, knowledgeable mechanics for your type of vehicle, a quality auto repair shop/ paint shop and a portfolio of satisfied customers when it comes to auto restorations.

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