Christmas driving may include many different tasks than usual. Driving for to spend time with the family is probably one of the top automobile tasks during the Christmas season. Holiday shopping and shopping traffic is another task many automobiles face during the Christmas season. No matter whether you are going north of coming south, automobiles must be in top shape so that they do not let you down. Here are a few tips from Guy’s Automotive to help you enjoy your holiday season without spending the season broke down in the auto repair shop!

Tip 1) Schedule your vehicle into the auto repair shop to help prevent unknowing problems. A simple oil change by a qualified auto mechanic can put the right eyes under your hood. A simple belt going bad can cause an engine to fail at the wrong time and possibly spoil your Christmas and or New Year’s holiday. Oil changes are important for not only the life of your engine but to ensure someone has checked your vehicle over when performed by a qualified auto mechanic. Getting a quick oil change to save money by an oil change person could prove to be a disaster if they don’t have the mechanic’s eye for your vehicle.

Tip 2) Keep an eye on your gauges and message centers. Sitting in extra traffic can be a bit hard on a vehicle in Florida during the Christmas holiday season. The weather is usually hot and the traffic can be extensive at times. This can be a bit harder on a vehicle that is close to a cooling system problem. If the cooling system fails in traffic, the car, truck, van or suv could overheat causing more problems. In the auto repair shop, this time of the year seems to have an increase in overheating and engine problems. Preventive measures, like in tip 1, can help prevent these unwanted problems.

Tip 3) Don’t avoid car repairs for Christmas. A huge mistake people make is when trying to save money, they neglect the car repairs. Skipping repairs can possibly cause a chain reaction and actually cost you even more than you wanted to save. The car will always take care of you if you take care of the car!

Tip 4) Drive safely! This time of the year means lots of extra people from the north coming down to spend the holidays with friends and family. Sometimes, these people not familiar with the roads can cause traffic accidents. The auto body shop seems to get an increase in accident auto body repairs during this time of the year. Many accidents happen due to different types of driving from the vacationers mixed with the Floridians.

Guy’s Automotive wants everyone to be safe and keep their car running top. A simple mistake can ruin the holidays for you and your family. Don’t make mistakes with your car, get it serviced regularly. No matter if you need auto repairs or auto body repairs, Guy’s Automotive is here to help. We all at Guy’s Automotive want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year!

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