Did you know, Chrysler, founded by Walter Chrysler, was created in 1925 after reorganizing the 1904 Maxwell Motor Company? Creating cars with hydraulic brakes, an oil filter, smaller yet powerful engines and even rubber motor mounts, Chrysler paved the road to a new breed of automobiles. By 1928, Chrysler created the Plymouth brand as a lower cost more affordable automobile for the average family. Soon after, Dodge was purchased to create a trio of automobiles that put a dent in the American auto business for years to come. In fact, as time progressed, AMC, Eagle as well as Jeep all became part of the Chrysler family.

By 1960, Chrysler started developing and implementing the unique uni-body design on many of their cars. In this era, cars like the famous Barracuda, Dart and Duster all started dominating the streets. Building a great design V-8 Hemi design engine helped Chrysler get a name for high performance street rod like cars. Other designs were quite the opposite end of the spectrum to help be more efficient design cars such as the Plymouth Horizon and the Dodge Omni. Chrysler even went a step further and imported some of their engines from Volkswagen to help create more efficient engines and compete with the overseas competitors.

Here in the age of the 2000’s, many of the Chrysler brands still are on the market. Jeep is well liked all over the world for its versatility of on and off road designs. Chrysler models are still the stylish models and Dodge has style and speed with the comeback of the Charger and the hot Dodge Viper. Chrysler has a range of engines with cylinders ranging from 4 cylinders to 10 cylinders, from economy to turbo charged, and even from gas to hybrid.

Chrysler models all require their own service and maintenance schedules. Guy’s Automotive performs all of the maintenance procedures, service repairs as well as auto body and collision repairs on Chrysler makes. No matter if you need engine repairs, transmission repairs, electrical or just an air filter, Guy’s Automotive offers the complete package of all types of auto repairs and more. Feel free to browse the Guy’s Automotive website to learn more about all of the services offered.

Chrysler Maintenance and Services
chrysler auto ac repair Chrysler Auto Ac Repair
Gives you an insight on the different auto ac repairs we perform on Chrysler automobiles.
chrysler brake repairs Chrysler Brake Repairs
All types of ABS and brake repairs performed on Chrysler automobiles.
chrysler tune-ups Chrysler Tune-ups
Check out the various styles of tune-ups we perform for Chrysler automobiles. Guy’s Automotive can do all maintenance and tune-up procedures for all models of Chrysler.
chrysler-auto-body-collision-repairs Chrysler Auto Body and Collision Repairs
An extensive collection of samples of auto body work performed at our auto body shop.
chrysler-engine-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Chrysler Engine Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive repairs, rebuilds and replaces Chrysler engines. Any maintenance or engine issues are not a problem for our mechanics.
chrysler-transmission-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Chrysler Transmission Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace Chrysler transmissions or perform any types of transmission maintenance.
guys automotive chrysler service Chrysler Auto Repair Services
Our services page will show you all of the various auto repair services we offer making us a complete auto repair and auto body repair shop for your Chrysler!

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