What is the purpose of your car’s engine? Some people do not understand what your engine does not to mention how to properly maintain it. The engine of your vehicle is designed to be a power plant and mechanically or electrically produce power to your transmission to ultimately move your car down the street. Your accelerator pedal is the device that increases or decreases the power of your engine and this is what moves your car. Proper maintenance is required to keep your engine lasting the longest it can on your vehicle. Understanding how to take care of your engine is key to your car lasting and your repair bills to stay low as possible.

Maintenance is composed of services to your engine like oil change service, coolant flushes, tune-ups, filters, and a computerized check system. Oil service should be done to keep the mechanical parts of your engine from prematurely failing and this prolongs the life of a gasoline or diesel type of engine. Coolant flushes help keep the cooling system like the water pump, hoses, radiator, heater core, and thermostat from failing and this is what keeps the temperature of your gasoline or diesel engine at a proper temperature. If your engine’s temperature is to low, you will spend lots of money on fuel. If your engine’s temperature gets to hot, this causes engine failure and repairs like engine replacement, cylinder head gasket or cylinder head replacement, as well as the cause of the failure such as a cooling system component like a radiator or a water pump. Tune-ups keep your engine running smoothly as does the filters and computerized components.

Oil and coolant leaks can not be ignored. Oil can leak out or your engine from things like a broken oil pan, faulty gaskets, faulty seals, valve cover, oil filter, and timing cover. Coolant leaks from things like water pumps, hoses, radiator, heater core, manifolds, and freeze plugs. When parts to your engine leak, you run a high risk of overheating or starving the engine for oil pressure which either can lead to the engine failing.

Now most people notice noises on a car like the tires, engine, exhaust system, wheels, transmission, belts, steering and suspension, this can be the first indicator of an engine problem. The best thing you can do is to take very special attention to the way your automobile sounds and performs. Any sound that doesn’t sound the same or normal can be the first indicator of an engine, tire, or anything else that may be starting to break down. In some instances, getting the car to the repair shop could help save you money or keep you safe if your car was about to break. Most engine failures will occur when sounds are ignored and the owner keeps driving the car.

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