Exotic cars in the 21st century include Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Austin Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and Bentley. Some of these exotic car manufacturers make exotic cars as well as common everyday driver cars. It speaks loudly that a car manufacturer can make an exotic car and then step down to make a practical car! You can only imagine that some of the ideas of these exotic cars com to play when designing the regular everyday cars. If you compare the auto repairs and maintenance of the everyday cars to other manufacturers that do not produce exotic cars, you may understand how reliable these auto manufacturers really are.

Maserati has been well known for years to create exotic cars. How well do their everyday driver cars last? Many older Maserati owners probably would complain about transmission failure the most. The newer Maserati cars seem to be much more durable. Maserati is one of the auto manufacturers that make everyday driver cars that have about the same success as their exotic models.

Porsche, Mercedes and BMW customers all probably feel like there models overall are dependable. Many Porsche models are actually top picks for durability and reliability. Mercedes and BMW tend to be real nice to drive until you get over 120K miles. This is the mark where you have more of a chance for repair costs on multiple systems overall.

Ferrari and Lamborghini customers don’t typically care about reliability. These cars are usually reliable and always a top pick but as usual, maintenance is key for these cars to stay maintained. Ferrari and Lamborghini customers usually drive these cars very little and keep them well maintained. Repair costs can be high if proper maintenance is not achieved.

Bentley and Austin Martin seem to appeal to the rich as everyday use cars. These cars have proven track records and high reviews. The auto makers have done well selling these cars all over the world with high success and low auto repair rates.

Audi has stepped up from time to time on their exotic cars. Many people probably look at Audi as everyday driver cars. Their new R8 is definitely exotic and well-engineered. Audi has an up and down likability record with consumers. Many Audi models have a lot of auto repair needs or do not last over 200K miles. It will be interesting to see how the latest Audi models hold up.

Bugatti has high ratings for many years. This auto maker does not hold back on the quality. If you research Bugatti cars, you will find many satisfied customers and very few complaints. Auto repair wise, these cars do hold up well.

Whether or not exotic car manufacturers put more or less thought into the engineering of their everyday driver cars will surely come out in a few years when the auto repairs happen regularly. Consumers always post on forums when cars are not reliable. If a car needs a lot of auto repairs over time, these results will tell over time whether or not exotic cars or everyday cars will be reliable of if they will be plagued with auto repair needs.

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