Yes its true, many insurance companies offer a full lifetime warranty on getting your car fixed after an accident whether its your fault for the accident or not. This can be a selling point for consumers that are not sure where to take their car for collision damage or just getting their recently wrecked wreck fixed. Painting and repairing a car or truck right is what you need as well as a lifetime warranty on all your damages. Guy’s Automotive uses high quality paint and materials to match your car’s previous luster when it was new and gives you a lifetime guarantee to go with it for peace of mind post accident.

Guy’s Automotive makes it easy for the customer in case of needing a wrecked vehicle fixed or repaired fast and right. They can help assist you with dealing with the insurance companies like State Farm, Progressive, Met Life, AAA, Farmer’s, Geico, Allstate, 21st Century, USAA, Esurance, Travelers, Direct General, and many others. They also work with Enterprise and Hertz rental cars to help you get additional transportation when your car or truck is getting repaired at Guy’s Automotive. Working with the insurance adjuster helps save you time and get your car repaired right as they will find any supplements needed for your car to ensure the highest quality repairs as well as keeping you and your family’s safety in mind. Rental cars, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, a quality job and keeping your safety in mind as well as offering a lifetime warranty on all of the collision repairs is what keeps Guy’s Automotive a number one choice for getting your car fixed in the Tampa Bay area..

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Safety is a very important factor when getting your collision repaired. Airbags, the integrity of your car’s frame and structure, safety belts all go hand in hand with a quality look as a finished product. Guy’s Automotive uses all recommended procedures to replace any faulty airbag or safety belt component or module. Each vehicle manufacturer like Audi, Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, Mini Cooper, Toyota, Scion, Volvo, Volkswagen, Hummer, Saab or others all have their checklist for what needs to be replaced after a crash takes place in your vehicle. These procedures insure safety post accident and keep your car going down the road safe enough to take on the next accident if it were to occur. They also use state of the art equipment to reset, re-calibrate, or reprogram the airbag computer to make sure it works like the factory intended. All or this keeps Guy’s Automotive on top of their competition and delivers a quality safe product in the end..

Guy’s Automotive has a full auto repair shop to fix all mechanical parts of your car as well as the collision repair. Their mechanics know cars and fix them right all day long. Whether its electrical, mechanical, an engine or a transmission, they can fix your car right and get you down the road. This is truly a one stop shop in the Tamps Bay area for all your automotive needs..

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