Once again a new year has arrived. Time to determine how long you plan to keep your vehicle. Over time, cars age and the mileage and collision damages will tend to rise. A line in the sand can help you determine what approach you should have whether or not to repair your car.

Older cars need to be well maintained. Lagging on the services or not caring about the appearance can help you want to rid of your vehicle. In fact, performing the necessary maintenance such as oil changes, flush services, belts, timing belt replacement, gaskets, cooling system problems, brakes, suspension repairs and electrical repairs helps the longevity of your vehicle. A maintenance schedule should be followed as recommended by all auto manufacturers.

Collision damage can also be a factor when keeping a car. Cars with bad paint and or body work will keep the appearance looking grim and could even affect the safety and integrity of your car. Some collision damage can weaken the vehicle in case of an auto accident and certainly should be a factor when making the important decision of keeping the car or replacing it instead.

Other factors may include the never ending repairs. If you are lagging on auto repairs, things in the car may not work properly. Engines and transmissions require upkeep and leak repairs while the cabin area may have issues such as electrical and upholstery problems. Factor in the costs that it would take to repair everything wrong while weighing out the benefits of replacing or repairing the car. A little fact checking may help you decide on keeping or replacing your car this new year!

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