Thanksgiving is coming up and many families will be traveling by car. There is nothing worse on a car trip to have the car break down far away from home leaving you in an uncomfortable situation having to deal with an auto mechanic you don’t know. Not to mention, breaking down on your holiday trip can take the time from visiting with your loved ones and drain your bank account on unplanned expenses. Engine or transmission problems on the road will certainly put a dampener on your trip but many of these breakdowns are preventable. All you have to do is bring in your car to your trusted auto mechanic and have the car checked prior to taking the long drive for your trip.

A simple oil change service performed by an ASE certified auto mechanic can certainly help you prevent a disastrous holiday trip. A quality mechanic shop will have the mechanics look over your car and inform you of any visible problems or leaks with your car. A list of items like tires, brakes, fluid levels, belts, hoses and just an overall look can be the difference between having a safe trip to being stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. No one can prevent everything that can happen, but a good look over your car can certainly help prevent many bad situations from happening.

Preventive maintenance is very important for your car. All cars have a recommended maintenance schedule for the preventive maintenance due by specific mileages that must be followed. Everything from tire rotations, oil service, transmission service, timing belts, spark plugs and many other services have a routine schedule that should always be followed. If, for example, your timing belt is due, you would not want to chance a 2000 mile journey knowing that not performing this service could leave you stranded. Simple services like spark plugs or an air filter will ensure that your car is running at its optimum performance saving you money on gasoline and keeping your engine happy.

Warning lamps on your dash should not be ignored. Some people will drive with a check engine lamp illuminated because they may not want to fix the particular problem. Driving with warning lamps on will keep you from knowing about any new problems happening. Safety has to always be on your mind when driving during the holiday season. You do not want to be on the road and have a small engine or transmission sensor failure cause an entire engine or transmission failure. Driving with an airbag lamp or antilock brake lamp illuminated can mean that if you need to swerve or if you wreck the car, you or someone else have a greater chance of getting hurt since you are driving with an obvious ignored problem.

Oil leaks can be an early sign of a problem that should be taken care of right away. Any time you drive long distances with oil leaks, you risk running your engine out of oil causing major engine damage at a high price tag. Oil leaks can start small but they will always get bigger. Driving with an oil leak, in some cases, can even cause a vehicle fire or ruin hoses or wiring. Make sure that you get all of your oil leaks repaired to ensure a safe trip.

Guy’s Automotive’s auto mechanics can help you get your car road worthy and try to prevent on the road disasters for your trip. It is always a great idea to get your car checked prior to you and your family getting in your car and traveling long distances. Have a wonderful and a safe holiday season. Guy’s Automotive wants to wish everyone a safe and breakdown free Thanksgiving this year!

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