Getting the best out of your automobile’s engine will help ensure that you get the optimum gas mileage possible. How do you obtain the absolute best out of your engine? This starts at how well you take care of your car and the quality of the auto repairs and maintenance you are getting. If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. Gas mileage will definitely save you money that helps pay for the maintenance your car desires. Here are some simple useful tips that will improve your gas mileage.

  1. Air filter replacement: Changing your air filter timely will help your engine breath thus increasing the gas mileage. Air is important since the engine uses the oxygen in the air to help ignite the fuel. When the mixture of air and fuel is precise, your car can get its maximum performance possible.
  2. Fuel filter replacement: The fuel filter can be critical to the engine’s performance. A clogged fuel filter reduces fuel pressure and fuel volume. This will reduce the gas mileage significantly by causing the engine to strain. A fuel filter replacement in a timely manor helps keep the fuel components working correctly including your fuel injectors. The fuel injectors must spray a perfect spray to achieve the best gas mileage possible therefore, the fuel filter is the first line of protection for the fuel injectors.
  3. Spark plug replacement: Spark plugs replacement is considered a tune-up. Spark plugs fire the spark that ignites each explosion of power inside the engine. Spark plugs play a major role in gas mileage. Getting the spark plugs replaced on time ensures the fuel economy stays perfect. Waiting too long causes misfires of the engine which wastes fuel by allowing it to burn in the exhaust system. This reduces power and is very inefficient.
  4. Oil changes: The engine oil reduces friction inside your engine. Friction fights your gas mileage. The less friction, the better the gas mileage. Use the recommended engine oil for your engine and change the engine oil filter timely. Whether you use conventional or synthetic oil is not the issue, just making sure that you follow the recommendations of your auto manufacturer so that your engine has a maximum life and your gas mileage stays high.
  5. Your auto mechanic: Relying on your memory to bring in your car for service on time is very critical to maintaining your car. The quality of your auto mechanic means everything to maximize your car’s gas mileage and life expectancy. Your auto mechanic should know your car inside and out keeping your car’s health at it’s best by informing you of any upcoming repairs and or maintenance. Also, your auto mechanic must be able to concur the auto repairs and maintenance leaving you with a virtually like new automobile running tip top.

Gas mileage saves you money and prolongs your car’s life. Following these helpful tips will keep your car running strong and help leave a few bucks in your wallet. As your vehicle’s miles tick away, you need to remember what services are due and get them taken care of promptly. With today’s economy, it is very important advice to keep up your car and keep up with all of the recommended service intervals. Keep your oil changes up and maintain your car’s gas mileage by following these simple rules.

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