Did you know, Soichiro Honda incorporated the Honda Motor Company in 1948 building 2-stroke motorized bicycles? The next year, Honda developed its first complete motorcycle named the 1949 Model D aka. “The Dream“. In 1950, Honda created the Vespa clone scooter that was exported to the United States as their first US exported vehicle. In the 1960’s, Honda started creating their first cars. It wasn’t until 1972 before the first Honda Civic CVCC was born and exported to the USA. By 1976, Honda started sending the Honda Accord. Soon after in 1978, The Honda Prelude was another popular export introduced to the USA. In 1986, Honda created the luxury division known as Acura, another magnificent hit for Honda.

Honda automobile sales soared as they created some of the most top notch, yet reliable, Japanese automobiles. In fact, Honda exceeded many automakers expectations, including their rival Toyota, by becoming the second largest auto maker in Japan putting Nissan in third in 2001. By 2010, Honda was the seventh largest auto manufacturer in the entire world. Honda has been committed to their automotive manufacturing and it shows with their complete variety of cars, trucks, vans and suvs. Honda has a reputation of holding their value of used cars since they hold up well and people all over the world know this.

Honda created the first hybrid known as the Insight in 1999 and introduced it to the USA in 2000. By 2003, the Civic Hybrid was released in the USA which became very popular. Honda Accord was next in 2006 with another excellent hybrid car. The hybrids have been another success story for Honda and all are very durable and popular in the US as well as the world. Honda hybrids have set the pace for all of the other auto manufacturers and are some of the most reliable hybrids of all.

Maintenance on Honda vehicles are imperative to keep them lasting a long time. Everything from timing belts, brakes, fluid flushes, tune-ups and oil changes help keep a Honda lasting for a very long time. Honda has a manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule to be followed. Guy’s Automotive offers all of the maintenance services for Honda. Computer diagnostics, reprogramming, ac, auto body repairs, engine and transmission work is no problem for the auto mechanics at Guy’s Automotive. In fact, Guy’s Automotive offers a complete line of auto repair work for all systems on a Honda including hybrids. Checkout the Guy’s Automotive websites and webpages for more information on all of the repairs we can perform for your Honda automobile and more.

Honda Maintenance and Services
honda auto ac repair Honda Auto Ac Repair
Gives you an insight on the different auto ac repairs we perform on Honda automobiles.
honda brake repairs Honda Brake Repairs
All types of ABS and brake repairs performed on Honda automobiles.
honda tune-ups Honda Tune-ups
Check out the various styles of tune-ups we perform for Honda automobiles. Guy’s Automotive can do all maintenance and tune-up procedures for all models of Honda.
honda-auto-body-collision-repairs Honda Auto Body and Collision Repairs
An extensive collection of samples of auto body work performed at our auto body shop.
honda-engine-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Honda Engine Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive repairs, rebuilds and replaces Honda engines. Any maintenance or engine issues are not a problem for our mechanics.
honda-transmission-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Honda Transmission Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace Honda transmissions or perform any types of transmission maintenance.
guys automotive honda service Honda Auto Repair Services
Our services page will show you all of the various auto repair services we offer making us a complete auto repair and auto body repair shop for your Honda!

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