Beware of shops with bad reputation in Tampa, Florida and other places in the US. Getting scammed in an auto shop can keep consumers from trusting their local auto repair shops. It only takes a customer 1 time to get scammed to become distrustful of all auto mechanics. Thank God for technology, because now, customers can easily conduct a background check on the repair shops in their area to see what other customers think of a particular automotive shop’s services. Below is a list of ways you can protect yourself from the scammers of the auto repair business.

1. Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. If an auto repair shop is shady, you will find many consumer complaints linked to their name. Checking the BBB is easy and only takes a few minutes.

2. Look for online reviews. Google, Yahoo, and Merchant Circle are just a few places consumers can check for bad reviews. Many customers use the internet to provide good or bad comments on their automotive experience. You will also be able to compare prices using these consumer review websites.

3. Do an internet search of the business name and see how long it has been in business. A long-standing business with positive customer reviews is an automatic plus when choosing an auto repair shop.

4. Check out their shop by calling and or visiting the facility. Most people can get a vibe just by calling. See if the person answering the phone is knowledgeable and friendly. Does the person answering the phone offer you good advice on your auto repair situation? Does the shop look presentable upon your visit?

5. Word of mouth is crucial. When possible, ask friends, family and co-workers if they have ever heard of a particular auto repair shop. Referrals are actual parts of marketing and a shop that provides good service is sure to get recommendations from previous customers.

These 5 tips will help you find the right auto repair shop in Tampa, Florida or anywhere else you may be looking. Unnecessary engine, transmission or other repairs can be avoided just by you doing your homework. A few minutes on the web can save your wallet dearly.

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