Infiniti: Luxury Standard 

Infiniti is an automobile company that is well-known for their luxury cars. Its sleek and modern design is loved by making it one of the preferred cars in the 21st century. When you are looking for a good repair shop where you can have your Infiniti car fixed, try asking your family or friends first. First-hand information is always the best. If not, things can be just a few clicks away from the internet.

If you own an Infiniti, don not be lured by unscrupulous independent Infiniti Auto Body Repair shops that will entice you with cheap deals which may become more costly in the long run.

Among the few things that you need to consider before allowing a given shop to repair your car is whether the service is completely covered by Infiniti warranty or not. It is important to note that Infiniti collision damage should be repaired by a reputable certified auto body shop.  Guy’s Automotive has certified auto mechanics and body technicians that can easily repair all aspects of Infiniti auto body repairs and paint work.


Maintaining the Standards of an Infiniti Auto Body Repair Shop

Infiniti cars made a name of its own in the automobile industry with its different models and designs. There are the Infiniti EX35, M45FX35, QX56 FX50, G37, and a whole lot more. Now, because of the range of its models and the brand’s unique design with each model, it is highly recommended that you bring your Infiniti to an auto body repair shop that has a specialization with Infiniti cars.

At Guy’s Automotive, we have in-house Infiniti service technicians that were trained extensively to perform all types of Infiniti car auto repairs and auto body work. With our state of the art technology and our technicians, we can assure with great confidence that we can bring your Infiniti car back to its optimal shape, with or without insurance.

Check our roster of satisfied clients. Our professional services have gained us a reputation in the industry and consequently became a standard in our locality when it comes to parts, repairs, and auto body systems.

For any inquiries on any types of auto repairs, auto body repairs or paint work, feel free to give us a call or an email.

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