Did you know, Lexus became a Toyota luxury division in 1989 exporting cars to the United States of America? Starting as Toyota’s F1 Project, Toyota’s chairman Eiji Toyoda set out a plan to build a luxury brand to compete with the other top luxury brands of the world. In 6 years of this secret project, Lexus came about delivering the LS400. With an aluminum V8 engine, great fuel economy, aerodynamic design and amazing styling, this Lexus certainly put a huge impression on the world’s top luxury automakers for what was yet to come. It was no surprise that Toyota was already a top auto maker in the 1980’s, but the Lexus division was competing with Bmw, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar now.

In the 1990’s, Lexus kept succeeding with their marvels like the ES250, ES300, GS300, GS400, SC300, SC400, and sport utility vehicles LX450 and the RX300. These new concepts swept the American market as a luxury automobile priced under the competition. Toyota was already known for their well built vehicle name, so with Lexus being a Toyota, it wasn’t very hard to keep that reputation for their name. By the end of the 1990’s, Lexus had already sold over a million automobiles in the USA.

Lexus went all out with many amazing vehicles as well as hybrid models in the 2000’s. ES, LS, GS, IS, and RX series all were great selling automobiles for Lexus. Hybrids like the GS460h, HS250h, LS600h and RX450h gave an extreme presence to the world offering a hybrid that was still a luxury car. Lexus had many option of automobiles available for their consumers, they were able to break away from Toyota operating independently by 2005.

Lexus has incorporated many technological features in their vehicles. From smart keys, smart start, remote touch/ touch screens, 8-speed transmissions, electroluminescent gauges, navigation, surround sound, sonar warning system technology and cameras Lexus is showing the world that the luxury features you would expect to have on a luxury car are there on a Lexus. These systems are well designed to inform the driver, make selecting something while driving the car easier, starting the car easier as well as making the driving more pleasant.

With all of these features on a Lexus, repairing a Lexus takes skill and training. Maintenance is very important for a Lexus to remain durable. Guy’s Automotive in Tampa offers auto repair, auto body repair, service and maintenance for all Lexus models. Everything from the sophisticated computer system diagnostics and reprogramming to the basic tuning procedures, from engine/ transmission repairs to a major collision repair, Guy’s Automotive has a dealer alternative repair facility to handle all types of Lexus repairs. The Guy’s Automotive website is loaded with all types of information on all of the repairs and services we perform. Explore our website to its fullest and read all sorts of valuable information pertaining to your Lexus repairs and more.

Lexus Maintenance and Services
lexus auto ac repairLexus Auto Ac Repair
Gives you an insight on the different auto ac repairs we perform on Lexus automobiles.
lexus brake repairsLexus Brake Repairs
All types of ABS and brake repairs performed on Lexus automobiles.
lexus tune-upsLexus Tune-ups
Check out the various styles of tune-ups we perform for Lexus automobiles. Guy’s Automotive can do all maintenance and tune-up procedures for all models of Lexus.
lexus-auto-body-collision-repairsLexus Auto Body and Collision Repairs
An extensive collection of samples of auto body work performed at our auto body shop.
lexus-engine-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotiveLexus Engine Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive repairs, rebuilds and replaces Lexus engines. Any maintenance or engine issues are not a problem for our mechanics.
lexus-transmission-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotiveLexus Transmission Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace Lexus transmissions or perform any types of transmission maintenance.
guys automotive lexus serviceLexus Auto Repair Services
Our services page will show you all of the various auto repair services we offer making us a complete auto repair and auto body repair shop for your Lexus!

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