Mercury: The Automobile Dinosaur

In 1930’s, the Ford company saw an opportunity to create an additional brand with the Ford hierarchy and thus, Mercury was born. Mercury is a division of the Ford Motor Company that existed for more that 70 years, producing cars with innovative and unique styling details and designs. It has gained a good mark on its unique and special features that enhances any Mercury owners driving experience. With car cutting-edge technology and distinct features, Mercury became a behemoth in the automobile industry.

For decades it has produced SUVs, minivans, and family sized cars. It was until 2010 that Ford pulled the plug on Mercury that put an end to more than seven decades of car-making heritage.

Mercury is now considered, by many, vintage cars. Owning one gives a feel of uniqueness due to the rarity of this brand nowadays. With rareness, however, comes costly ventures when it comes to repair and parts. Therefore, it is important that you use it carefully so that you do not end up with a situation that may require that it  to end up to a costly repair.

One thing that you need to remember is that as you carry out your Mercury Body Repair, there are other extraneous expenses you will certainly incur. Such costs can be avoided if you drive your car with caution.


Reviving the Legendary Giant

Mercury, now being considered a vintage car, has few (if not limited) stocks of spare parts available in the market. Although a division of Ford, there are parts that may come rare to Mercury owners. In case of repairs or parts replacement, it is important to contact your local automobile repair shop to check if they handle Mercury cars. Having its purchase limited to a certain duration, those who can handle it may not be as many as well.

It is ideal to have a mechanic that has handled Mercury cars before to deal with your car. Newcomers in the automobile repair industry can’t just deal with a car whose brand they haven’t handled before. Check your local repair shop if they had serviced a Mercury before and that would be a good signifier that you can let them do the job for Mercury repair.

Here at Guy’s, not only do we handle Ford but we have dealt with the legendary Mercury as well, first hand! Check our roster of satisfied customers and see the results we have given. Here at Guy’s, we give you genuine results—be it new or old.

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