It does not matter whether you drive a Toyota, Mercedes, Chevrolet or BMW, the oil changes and maintenance is what will help the vehicle to last a long time. Most people know to keep the oil changes in their cars, but some people do not understand the importance. When oil is not changed on a regular basis, it will turn into a gooey sledge that clogs up the oil pump and oil passages inside your engine thus causing the engine to fail at a more rapid rate.

oil changes and periodic maintenance

The oil pump inside the engine is like the heart in your body. If your heart arteries clog up, something bad happens like a stroke or heart attack and even death. The engine’s heart attack is most likely death meaning lots of money to replace or repair the engine. An engine can not run more than 2 minutes without oil. This rule was told to me in the 1980’s by a very wise older man that was a mechanic since the Model T’s. He was right, I tested this on a lawnmower engine years ago, and after 2 minutes the engine started to lock up and was junk. Since then, cars have advanced a lot, and even motor oil has advanced as well. It still does not matter which oil, regular, synthetic, one grade or another, if the engine has no oil, it will still lock up. If the oil pump is clogged up with oil sludge, then the engine has no oil pressure and will still lock up.

Besides oil changes, there are other key factors to consider with periodic maintenance. Each vehicle manufacturer has their specific maintenance routine designed for their vehicle lines. For example, Honda will have one type of schedule and Jaguar will have its own unique schedule. Following this schedule accurately will certainly help your vehicle last longer and keep your repair costs down as well. Some of the different services include: coolant flush, transmission flush, power steering flush, oil change, differential flush, tune-up, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, timing belt, belts, and complete vehicle inspections.

A quality mechanic shop will help you keep your maintenance schedule. Your mechanic should be capable of letting you know when certain services and maintenance is due while changing your oil or repairing your car. When you have your vehicle serviced, notice whether the mechanic looks at your car for potential services or repairs needed even if they are not related to the repairs or services being performed. This will benefit you and your car by saving you on future repairs and your car benefits by being kept in optimal condition.

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