Oldsmobile: The History Maker

Oldsmobile, owned by General Motors, was one of the oldest automobile brands in the world, existing for 107 years!

This car brand has been there at the start of automobiles and has delivered huge innovation in the industry since then. Back in 1908, Oldsmobile was the brand of choice for car buyers who sought vehicles that steeps in luxury and sophistication.

In the 1930’s, the companied wowed the world with its “Knee-action” independent front suspension and “Hydra-matic” systems. In the 1950’s, their designs were one of the most well-adored by consumers that other automobile companies followed through with the design and styling cue.

In the 60’s they introduced a front-wheel-drive vehicle successfully. Oldsmobile was also the first domestic automobile manufacturer to introduce safety by installing a driver-side airbag. In the 80’s they held the world speed record of 257mph with their Aerotech. In the 1990’s, they made history yet again with its race modified Aurora V8 that won the Indy 500 making Oldsmobile the first manufacturer to pace and win the race in the same year.

It was until the new millennium that Oldsmobile sales went down drastically. In 2004, this inevitably forced General Motors to pull the plug on Oldsmobile, putting an end of car-making heritage of 107 years.
This history-filled brand is a vintage car loved by millions of car enthusiasts around the globe. Although a division of General Motors, some parts of this golden car may not be readily available in the market.

Genuine Service and New Parts for Olds

Replacing Oldsmobile car parts with other sub-quality ones will only mean spending more money on early repairs so it’s always recommended to use Oldsmobile parts for Oldsmobile cars when you either prefer to purchase used ones or new ones (if there’s one still in the market). Although some General Motors parts may be used in lieu of Oldsmobile parts, it is still highly recommendable to use original parts.

What’s most important is that you approach a dealer or at an automobile shop with guaranteed original parts and offers professional service. This line of brand has been long gone in the market, so newcomers in the automobile industry might have not experience fixing this type/brand of car yet. Don’t let your Oldsmobile car be his first, you don’t want your car to be experiment number 1, do you?

Give your local automobile body repair shop a call and see if they have the experience and equipment to handle ol’ Olds there.

Let us give you a simple helpful tip. Here at Guy’s, we have handled a bunch of Oldsmobile already.

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