Did you know, Porsche was started in Stuttgart, Germany in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche? Porsche started as an automotive design consultant for the German government. Porsche created Volkswagen and the world renowned Volkswagen Beetle. In 1939, Porsche did finally build their own version of a Volkswagen with the Porsche name called the Porsche 64. This Porsche shared many Volkswagen parts, however it was unique creating the Porsche dynasty.

In late 1947, Porsche created the prototype for their 356 car. Porsche continued to use Volkswagen engines and other parts due to the short supply of post war auto parts. By the end of the 356, Porsche had finally started producing their own Porsche engines for the last models. The Porsche 911 model was created in 1964. This Volkswagen like engine was built by Porsche as an air cooled flat 6 cylinder engine. The 912 and 914 followed using 356 and 911 parts. In the 1970’s, Porsche created the 924 using a V-8 engine and they put the engine in the front of the car! Fuel injection started appearing on Porsche and these cars started getting faster and faster. The 1980’s had models like the 924, 928, 944, 959 and 911 /930. The 1990’s added the Boxter and the 968. By the 2000’s, Porsche created the Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera. With the exception of a couple of family model Porsche automobiles, Porsche is known for speed and style. Many Porsche cars reach speeds over 200 mph. In 2012, Porsche was 100% owned by Volkswagen AG.

There is no way to duplicate the feel of a Porsche. The Porsche power is unprecedented. Porsche offers turbo and twin turbo on some models to make sure that you get to the high speed even faster! With all this power and speed, Porsche upkeep is a must. Porsche maintenance and auto repairs are a must to ensure the repair costs stay low and the Porsche lasts for a long time. Guy’s Automotive offers all types of Porsche auto body repairs and auto repairs. No matter if your Porsche needs an oil service or a clutch. If you need diagnostics, engine repairs, transmission repairs, brakes or an have an auto accident, Guy’s Automotive can help you properly maintain your Porsche. Feel free to browse our website to see the extent of the auto repairs we perform on Porsche and more.

Porsche Maintenance and Services
porsche auto ac repair Porsche Auto Ac Repair
Gives you an insight on the different auto ac repairs we perform on Porsche automobiles.
porsche brake repairs Porsche Brake Repairs
All types of ABS and brake repairs performed on Porsche automobiles.
porsche tune-ups Porsche Tune-ups
Check out the various styles of tune-ups we perform for Porsche automobiles. Guy’s Automotive can do all maintenance and tune-up procedures for all models of Porsche.
porsche-auto-body-collision-repairs Porsche Auto Body and Collision Repairs
An extensive collection of samples of auto body work performed at our auto body shop.
porsche-engine-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Porsche Engine Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive repairs, rebuilds and replaces Porsche engines. Any maintenance or engine issues are not a problem for our mechanics.
porsche-transmission-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Porsche Transmission Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace Porsche transmissions or perform any types of transmission maintenance.
guys automotive porsche service Porsche Auto Repair Services
Our services page will show you all of the various auto repair services we offer making us a complete auto repair and auto body repair shop for your Porsche!

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