Engine repair can be avoided with timing belt replacement is done when recommended by the auto manufacturer. An engine that is damaged from a timing belt failure exceeds the cost of a timing belt sometimes by 5 times the cost. After the damage of the engine valves or cylinder head is done, all you can do is count the repair costs that will then occur. The customer will still have to pay for the timing belt repair but will then have to add the costs of repairing the engine then. Here are some valuable tips about the timing belt replacement that will help you spend a little know and save a lot of money later.

Take your car to your local auto mechanic in Tampa, Florida like Guy’s Automotive and find out if and when your timing belt should be replaced. Timing belts are always recommended to be replaced at certain mileage by the auto manufacturer. Knowing this will also help you plan for the expense and keep on top of the necessary maintenance work that is due.

Don’t just replace a timing belt, replace everything in the area that will go wrong between timing belt intervals. Replace parts like the water pump, front seal, cam seals, timing tensioner, dampner, pulleys or belts. Usually, it is only parts and a small amount of labor to replace these parts but if you wait, they can either go bad causing lots of unnecessary labor later, or worse, cause the timing belt to break and damage the engine.

Keep up on all of the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Doing this will prolong the life of the engine and car. Other types of maintenance include transmission and engine flushes, tune-ups, replace the belt(s), oil changes, air filter, cabin filter, wiper blades, rotate the tires, and vehicle inspections. Just remember, take good care of your car, do maintenance and your car will take care of you and last a long time. belts

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