Did you know, preventive maintenance reduces auto repairs. Facts are, if you follow a maintenance schedule, you can greatly reduce unwanted car problems and auto repairs. All makes and models have a set maintenance schedule to follow. They will recommend intervals of changing oil, filters, spark plugs and even other vital fluids. Everything from the automatic transmission to a tuneup can all have a timely service that may help prevent auto repair issues.

Below are some explanations on services you may need timely on your car:

Changing your air filter makes your car more efficient. The engine requires air and fuel to make combustion for power to drive down the road. The air filter cleans the air as the engine breathes. The clean air keeps the inside of the engine machined areas free of scaring and scratches from sand and dirt. An air filter usually gets dirty between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. Air filters typically should be recommended during an oil service or maintenance.

Timing belt replacements are very important. Recommended typically between 60,000 and 105,000 miles, timing belts should be replaced to prevent engine damages that could occur if the belt was to break. If the timing belt breaks, your engine will not run. To prevent possible downtime or engine damage, follow your manufacturers maintenance intervals for the timing belt replacements.

Timing chain or lifters can all be prematurely damaged if oil changes are not followed timely. The timing chain can stretch and the tensioner can fail if the oil quality is poor of the oil is low. When the lifters go bad, the valves don’t open up properly and the engine may have reduced performance. The timing chain can jump or break causing a catastrophic engine failure. Oil changes can greatly reduce the wear to these parts as well as the rest of the engine.

Tuneups replace the spark plugs that help a gasoline engine run. Some cars will require other components of the ignition system to be replaced as well however most newer cars have coil over plug setups that may require a new ignition coil. Typically, the plugs get replaced between 30,000 and 105,000 miles ad recommended by the manufacturer.

No matter if you need a tuneup, oil change or a transmission service, you should automatically get your car serviced timely. Auto manufacturers make a timely schedule for you to follow. If you keep up with your maintenance schedule, you will avoid costly auto repairs and prolong your driving time. Keeping auto repairs to a low also saves you money so get your car serviced by a qualified to repair shop and prevent auto repairs!

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