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The automotive industry has multiple systems designed for safety on vehicles all over the world. Many automotive engineers come up with sheer brilliance when designing the safest designs of automotive vehicles of the modern day. These safety designs help prevent deaths and minimize injuries from auto accidents. There are many safety designs that are useful in our everyday travel that many people are not aware of.

Crash designs are frame systems on automotive applications that are designed to wrinkle or fold a specific way on impact. This purpose design system is the reason you see folds, holes and bends all over your vehicles frames. In this system, it becomes a major factor in an accident specially designed to keep the impact from injuring the driver and passengers. Automotive plastics and metals are engineered to withstand specific forces to help withstand the impact in an efficient way.

Automotive glass and windshields are built tough. Using special chemicals and turning the automotive glass into a tempered glass helps not only keep a window from shattering, but also helps hold the glass in so that it does not have as much of a chance of cutting up the driver and passengers. Even if a person is being ejected from the automobile, the tempered automotive glass helps keep a person inside as much as possible. This type of glass also helps keep rocks and other objects from coming into the vehicle that could possible injure the occupants of the automobile.

Seatbelts have been around for a while, but many vehicles now come with seatbelt sensors to help inform or remind the driver that someone may not have the seatbelt on in the car. Other facts about a seatbelt is that it will lengthen to flex with an individual, but when there is a sudden jolt, the seatbelt will hold and not lengthen. A step further is called a pretension. These are designed similar to an airbag, to explode and keep a seatbelt from moving during an auto accident. Many modern vehicles contain these features and they certainly come in handy as another step to help save lives during a collision.

Airbags and dual stage airbags are a revolutionary way to help protect people during an automotive accident. Many vehicles are using this new airbag technology. By weighing the occupants and calculating the airbag force, dual stage airbags are now much safer than airbags or years past. Basically, the airbag computer can help save on automotive repairs by not exploding airbags unnecessarily as in there is no one to protect in the seat. Other features is that if a light person like a child is in the seat, the airbag will explode less than if an adult is in the seat.

Computer systems of all kinds are making vehicles safer. Automotive computers like auto parking, auto starting, parameter sensing systems and other automotive body systems now help warn and or assist drivers in many driving situations. Many vehicles can now warn a driver if they or someone else is getting too close. Other safety features can even drive the car into a parking space safely. With all of this automotive technology, there is high hopes for safer cars, trucks, suvs and vans in the future.

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