At Guy’s Automotive engines have always been our specialty. New engines from the dealer have a 3 year warranty and rebuilt engines have a 1-3 year warranty. Used engines have a ninety-day to 1 year warranty.
All internal working parts are included on the coverage for all options. The list of coverage includes engine block, heads, valves, pistons, rings, rods, cylinders, crank shafts, and camshafts. On rebuilt and new engines the seals and gaskets are covered as well.

At Guy’s Automotive, expert repair is applied to all types of engines – turbo, super chargers, rotary, carburetors and fuel injection. Engines dating back to the 1940s have been serviced up through the most modern American, Asian and European types.

Guy’s early experience working at an auto repair shop specializing in Asian and European motor vehicles gives him the incite and expertise to work on and advise other mechanics on proper service and repair.
Used engines are the economical solution. They are pulled from wrecked vehicles and are tested. Guy and his expert mechanics will check over a used engine and recommend new parts when necessary. They will also try to find the cause of the failure to prevent further engine problems in the future. Guy’s always tries to get the best price on engines with the lowest mileage available because prices for engines vary according to their mileage and wear.

Rebuilt engines are a great option because they are built to factory specifications. Our expert mechanics will install engines with new parts to extend operational life and the warranty. Guy will price shop quality re-manufactured longblocks for you according to an engine’s availability.

New engines at Guy’s are the more expensive option but will last the longest of any of the engine replacement opportunities available. These engines are made by the manufacturer of all new parts .
Besides replacing the engine on your vehicle, we also perform repairs on the engine such as: balance shaft, camshaft, camshaft bearings, camshaft seal, crankcase, crankshaft, crankshaft seal, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, exhaust manifold, exhaust manifold gasket, freeze plugs, front crankshaft seal, gaskets, harmonic balancer, intake manifold, intake manifold gasket, main bearings, oil cooler, oil pan, oil pan gasket, oil pump, oil pump gasket, piston, piston rings, rear crankshaft seal, rod bearings, seals, thrust bearings, valve cover, valve cover gasket, valve guides, valve job, valve seals, valve spring, water pump, and more. If you need any repairs on your engine, call us for a quote today.

At Guys Automotive, we can offer you all three choices and give you the best quality job possible. Our mechanics strive to please our customers and are very meticulous. Call us for a quote today.
We are the best “Auto Repair in Tampa” repair shop!