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Fixing older cars seem to be a trend in the Tampa Bay area. It is very noticeable by the amount of repairs done in the past year that many people are trying to keep their older cars on the road as long as possible. Our shop, Guy’s Automotive in Tampa, FL, have seen an increase in customer’s fixing older cars to avoid having to go out and buy a new car. In fact, many customers even openly discuss that this economy is keeping them from wanting to go out and buy a new car. Automotive repair and maintenance is necessary to keep these older vehicles on the road. As long as you take good care of your automobile it will take care of you.

It is important to weigh the factors of whether to keep fixing an older car or buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Some of these factors include type of vehicle and the history of repairs versus the reputation of the manufacturer for overall repairs. Cost of repairs and cost of future repairs that may be needed based on the history of the manufacturer and its quality of vehicle. Maintenance and cost of preventive maintenance for the future considering the age and mileage of the automobile.

Overall mileage and age of your car are two factors that determine the depreciation of your car. In fact, it is true that you can have a low mileage automobile that has greatly depreciated due to sun damage that is in worse condition that a higher mileage automobile that was garaged mostly. Also, if the maintenance is poorly done, or not done, this can kill a auto faster than just about any other factor. In the automotive repair business, it is very noticeable that even well kept high mileage vehicles can be in much better shape than a poorly maintained low mileage vehicle.

All of these facts are worth considering when it comes to keeping a car of buying a new or pre-owned car. In the past year, we have even noticed an increase in a pre-buy inspection as well as auto-dealer pre-sell inspections. Customers are getting wise to having these inspections done to know what they are buying as well as the auto-dealers themselves. Auto-dealers can send a bad-car back to auction if the problems are going to exceed the value and customers can simply walk away from a bad-car. Even an inspection or a car-fax can show a history of auto body, accident, collision repairs from past and a customer can weigh the choice of whether the car is worth buying.

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