Did you know, Smart, the automobile, is a division of Daimler AG created in 1994? This unique car division specializes in building what they call micro-cars. The first cars were called the Smart City Coupe and City Cabrio. Soon after in the 2000’s, the Smart Crossblade was released as well as te Smart K, Smart Roadster ant the Smart Cabrio was renamed to the Smart Fortwo. By 2008, Smart was exporting their cars to the USA. Smart even introduced a handful of electric drive cars that can average 87 miles on a full charge.

Even though Smart cars are small, they are built with safety standards. Smart vehicles actually have crumple zones and air bags. The main shell of the car is called the Tridion Safety Cell. This cell is like a chamber full of crumple zones that protect the occupants inside the vehicle.

Smart cars are small, but they have a creative design look. Smart cars are built have a fad based look similar to the success of the Swatch watch. The designers of the Smart car take notice to body details creating many different looks that are eye appealing. Smart cars are very popular among many age groups around the world.

Smart cars are just like other cars meaning they require auto repair, maintenance and auto body work. Guy’s Automotive offers a dealer alternative place to have your Smart car serviced or repaired. Everything from computer diagnostics and tune-ups to oil changes and body work is no problem for the technicians at Guy’s Automotive. Guy’s Automotive is a one stop auto repair and auto body shop that services Smart cars. Feel free to checkout the Guy’s Automotive website for all types of repair information for your Smart car repairs and more.

Smart Maintenance and Services
smart auto ac repair Smart Auto Ac Repair
Gives you an insight on the different auto ac repairs we perform on Smart automobiles.
smart brake repairs Smart Brake Repairs
All types of ABS and brake repairs performed on Smart automobiles.
smart tune-ups Smart Tune-ups
Check out the various styles of tune-ups we perform for Smart automobiles. Guy’s Automotive can do all maintenance and tune-up procedures for all models of Smart.
smart-auto-body-collision-repairs Smart Auto Body and Collision Repairs
An extensive collection of samples of auto body work performed at our auto body shop.
smart-engine-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Smart Engine Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive repairs, rebuilds and replaces Smart engines. Any maintenance or engine issues are not a problem for our mechanics.
smart-transmission-used-new-rebuild-and-replace-in-tampa-by-guys-automotive Smart Transmission Repairs / Replacements
Guy’s Automotive can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace Smart transmissions or perform any types of transmission maintenance.
guys automotive smart service Smart Auto Repair Services
Our services page will show you all of the various auto repair services we offer making us a complete auto repair and auto body repair shop for your Smart!

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