summer get ac checkedSummer is coming fast and your automobile’s air conditioner system will become a vital part of your journey everywhere you drive. The air conditioner sure makes driving your car much more comfortable on these hot summer stricken with heat days. The AC system on vehicles are composed of simple to complex component systems that together work hand in hand keeping your car comfortable.

The main ac system composes of a ac compressor, filter devices like driers or accumulators hoses, lines, condenser, and evaporator. This is the mechanical portion or your vehicle’s air conditioner. Typically when this system fails, you will feel AC air that is not as cold as it should be, or not cold at all. It is also possible that you could even hear a compressor failing making strange sounds. These problems can be diagnosed with proper diagnostic AC equipment and a good AC mechanic.

The HVAC system inside your car is another part of your AC system. This composes of your vents, heater core, air ducts, mix doors, blend doors and a blower motor. All of these are ultimately controlled by some type of AC panel or controller. Simple systems use cables and levers, while more advanced systems use computers, temperature sensors and blend door motors. Diagnosing the more complex systems usually require factory scan tools and a knowledgeable technician that understands these systems.

When the HVAC system fails, you my feel heat and cold AC at the same time. Sometimes the repair is easy and other times the entire dash board has to be removed and the HVAC box has to be opened and repaired. These repairs are more costly and truly necessary if you want cold AC blowing in the cold position. Diagnosing these problems are much more complex and require skill and experience to be accurate.

Here in the Tampa Bay area, Guy’s Automotive has skilled technicians as well as proper scan tools and AC equipment to properly diagnose your vehicles (AC) air conditioner system. They repair electronic AC components such as blower and fan motors, computers, blend/ mix doors and motors, and sensors as well as mechanical components such as AC compressors, condensers and evaporators.

Guy’s Automotive has been repairing AC systems in cars for over 15 years and can handle all types of AC systems and AC problems. Guy’s Automotive even repairs the new hybrid AC systems as well. Check out this AC page from Guy’s Automotive for more information on the AC repairs performed at Guy’s Automotive.

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