Summertime is here and auto repairs and maintenance are flocking in. It is so important to not ignore your car when the heat is on with the sunshine beating down daily. The Tampa Bay area temperatures are soaring and this heat takes its toll on the car. Everything from overheating problems, electrical issues and air conditioning systems are all put through the test in the summer. A little help from your auto mechanic can help you keep your car running optimal. Here are some reminder tips to help you with your repairs and maintenance.

  1. Oil Changes: The primary telltale of a car starts with your oil change. Not just a quickie oil change trying to save a couple of dollars, but a real mechanic doing the oil change that is in tune with how things should look under the hood. A master mechanic can see things that commonly become issues on cars often times before you even notice a problem. The oil change helps ensure that things are checked and maintenance intervals are fulfilled.
  2. Maintenance Intervals: Most cars have reminder lights or messages that help you remember that maintenance is due. Having these items done timely and not ignoring the reminders help your car last longer. It is amazing that some people still come in with broken timing belts oblivious to the fact that they should have been warned and may be facing a higher than usual repair bill. Getting periodic maintenance actually reduces the overall repair costs on any car.
  3. Auto Repairs: Do not ignore oil leaks and other auto repairs, get them taken care of or assessed promptly. Auto manufacturers are not all creating cars equally, in fact, some cars are built with more quality than others. Ignoring an oil leak for example, may not hurt much on one car but cause thousands of dollars in damages on another. Coolant leaks can quickly escalate into a major engine problem. Brake issues can easily become unsafe for everyone and cause the repair bill to soar fast. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes certain problems may be ok to ignore, get the knowledge from your mechanic to understand what new problems can chain react from your current car problems.

Do not delay, check over your service records. Verify if and when your preventive maintenance has been taken care of or take in your car to get it overall assessed. Master mechanics can tell you or give you a print out so you can understand what types of car repairs and maintenance you need to know about to keep up your car so that the summer does not overheat your wallet unnecessarily!

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