Transmission repair in Tampa is a crazy business. Many auto repair shops in Tampa sell transmissions like a rope and dope. Beware of the transmission shops that quote a very low price, they usually do one of two things. One is get your permission to tear down the car and then quote you a very high price showing you a big mess of transmission parts that look like a nightmare to put back together. Second is they take shortcuts that only patch the transmission missing the source of the problem and / or the rest of the transmission wearable parts that should be replaced during the rebuild. This type of transmission job does not last long and you may even get stuck paying all over again to get the transmission repaired correctly.

There are many electronic parts and a transmission computer in most transmission setups of the modern day. Parts like shift solenoids, input sensor, output sensor, speedometer sensor, pressure sensors, governor solenoid, pressure regulator solenoid, throttle position sensor, and neutral / gear position switch are all electronic parts that help the transmission shift and work. The transmission computer will use these sensors and switches to control the shifting. When this system fails, the driver will usually get a warning lamp on or flashing to indicate an automatic transmission problem which will require computer diagnostics to figure out. Ignoring these types of problems will cause further damage to the internal automatic transmission components like clutches and drums.

Major mechanical transmission problems are very noticeable. Usually, you will feel clutch slippage, hear horrible sounds during the drive or shift, no reverse gear, a missing forward gear, or a bad shift pattern when a transmission is failing or already failed. These are the types of problems that require tearing down a transmission and getting a full transmission overhaul or rebuild. Other options would be a used auto trans unit or a new trans unit incase you did not want to repair the existing transmission.

Preventive maintenance such as a flush service or a fluid and filter service will help extend the life of your transmission. Each auto manufacturer encourages a mileage that these services should be performed. Check with your mechanic shop in Tampa to find out when these services should be performed and this will surely help keep your vehicle driving for a very long time.

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