Many vehicles today require periodic maintenance in which the timing belt should be replaced. The timing belt on your engine is what keeps the camshaft rotating in perfect sync with your crankshaft. Without the timing belt turning your camshaft, damage can occur to your cylinder head(s), valves, pistons, and possibly your engine block. Ultimately this could become a nightmare repair, not to mention a very costly engine job or repair.

Some customer’s have no idea that their car has a timing belt not to mention that it must be replaced. Other customers will ask during a routine oil service if we know when they should get the timing belt replaced. I have even had customers think they have a timing belt on their engine when in fact they had a timing chain instead. What ever the case it is very important to keep up with to keep your car from breaking down and possibly costing you much more than the timing belt replacement due to engine damage.

Important information to know when replacing the timing belt is to have the water pump, front crankshaft seal, camshaft seal(s), timing belt tensioners or pulleys , and even your belts replaced at the same time. Overall, this will save you money on labor and will help keep your car lasting longer between major repairs.

If in doubt, get your timing belt checked during your oil change. Customers ask all the time during an oil change about their timing belts. This is the best time to check on the maintenance items your car requires. Guy’s Automotive can do a overall check sheet of your vehicle and point out any services you may need to keep your car running tip top.

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