With so many vehicles on the road, we have come along way with technology. It takes building a great car, truck, van and suv to figure our success. It also takes building a junky unreliable ride with numerous problems to learn from the engineering mistakes. There are a lot of articles with statistics in magazines, websites and on the news, but Guy’s Automotive specializes on many types of vehicles and can form a more hands on opinion on what the worst automobiles of the 2000’s.

  1. Pontiac Aztec is among one of the ugliest, unpopular suv’s made in the 2000’s. It doesn’t matter what year because they are all the same. Most customer’s do not like owning a Pontiac Aztec since they are GM’s most hideous looking suv’s ever made. They look worse than the Pontiac Transport van of the 1990’s. We hope the General Motors learn from the designing mistakes of the past and do not produce any vehicles that look even close to a Pontiac Aztec. As far as repairs, they have about the average repairs of most common GM vehicles, they just look bad!
  2. Dodge Intrepid had the worst built engines in the early 2003 and below models. Most of the Dodge Intrepids came with the notorious 2.7 engine. These engines went bad all the time and still come in to this day needing engines. Banks stopped loaning money on these cars and we heard many horror stories about being buried in debt after purchasing a Dodge Intrepid from local car lots. These engines were redesigned, not much better, but the 2004 up had less problems. Besides the engines, everything from engine computers, wiring, transmissions to convertible tops are always in need of repair on a Dodge Intrepid. Overall, these cars were just bad from the start and Chrysler certainly must know these were big mistakes right from the drawing board.
  3. Dodge Sebring is another generation of Dodge that just came out wrong. Starting with the models that have the front wheel drive 2.7 and including all of the rest, these cars have lots of problems. Similar to the Intrepid problems, the Dodge Stratus does not hold up and everything from the engines, electrical, computers, and just about everything else eventually breaks on these cars. A poorly designed vehicle with numerous complaints from all consumer agencies and forums, it was hard to say which was worst between the Dodge Intrepid and the Dodge Stratus.
  4. Ford Explorer is one of the worst suv’s ever built. It seems like there are lots of Ford Explorers out there, but they just do not hold up. The tailgates crack on many models for no reason and the electrical systems are poorly made. The 4.0 overhead camshaft engines were horribly designed and fail with little or no warning at all. Many Ford Explorers have transmission problems and they are not cheap by no means to rebuild. Here is clear example of learning from your mistakes, hopefully Ford does!
  5. Cadillac Catera was a horrible import design for GM. Most Cadillac Cateras are very expensive to maintain and most drivers end up driving them with multiple problems to avoid repairing them. The typical Cadillac Catera that rolls into the repair shop needs a lot of different repairs. These Opel designed Cadillacs are poorly engineered and can be quite challenging to repair. Most of the repairs simply add up far exceeding the value or the vehicles. The only good thing to say about these Cadillacs is they didn’t sell a lot of them so they will faze out quickly.
  6. Ford Contour was built as an inexpensive model back in the day. These Fords look bad and break frequently. There are so many problems with these cars that there are not too many of them left on the road. Engine and transmission problems frequently plagued these models for years and the customers just get tired of repairing them. Most Ford Contours that come into the auto repair shop just need everything from oil leaks and motor mounts to electrical wiring nightmares. These cars were never right and I am sure Ford is taking a long look at this lesson.
  7. Daewoo Nubira was fazed out since Daewoo went under. Parts are scarce and these cars simply break very easily. The Daewoo Nubira gets drivability issues, hard to correct engine codes, oil leaks, motor mount problems and lots of little parts just simply break turning these cars into a low value automobile. Most of these cars are off the road and already scrapped at the junkyards.
  8. Daewoo Lanos suffers the same fate as the Daewoo Nubira. With lots of problems and so few parts available, the Daewoo Lanos is simply better off the road than on the road. These cars usually come in on their last leg and the customer just wants a miracle to keep them going for a few more months. Luckily, most of them are already gone. Just remember, these Daewoos were so bad, they put the company out of business. GM still uses the Daewoo factory to produce other cars such as, the runner up for last place, the Chevrolet Aveo.
  9. Saab 9-3 is a very expensive car to own. They have a low life expectancy like many other Saabs. When these cars come into the auto repair shop, they usually need a lot of different repairs. We get a whole array of repairs from ABS problems, drivability problems to oil leaks and expensive noises. These cars can stay maintained, but the owners have to baby these cars and spend lots of money to keep them going. Saab is now out of business, probably due to the low quality of their cars for many years. GM tried to revive the Saab, but I feel Saab was doomed from their mistakes. The Saab 9-3 is simply put just another Saab-story!
  10. Chrysler Crossfire is a poorly designed Mercedes import for Chrysler. The Crossfire gets many expensive problems and they have a low resale value. Many of the parts that fail on a Chrysler Crossfire are dealer specific and some even have to be imported from Germany and a high cost. Everything from a poor design that causes water to ruin the computer to the computers just failing with no warning happen with an expensive price tag. Poor wiring, oil leaks, and bad electrical systems just cause the Chrysler Crossfire to break or stay broken due to the expense of the repairs.

There you have it, the Guy’s Automotive’s 10 worst cars of the 2000’s list. It was a close call, but these cars were all fighting to take the number 1 spot. These results are solely based on the auto mechanic opinions and have nothing to do with any other media results. Hopefully, the 2010’s up have better results and the new technology becomes great ideas instead of the junk of the 2020’s!

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