When Tampa Florida gets a lot of rain, a flood of car and truck engine jobs come right after the rain stops. Many people can come across a street in Tampa that has a flash flood. The driver may not even relies how deep or what the consequences may be by driving through the water flooded street. A bad judgment call or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can certainly cause a catastrophic engine event to occur on your vehicle. There are a few things you should know to help you through these disastrous situations that will benefit you, your wallet and your car.

Full coverage auto insurance can be your friend in these situations. Most people do not realize, but when driving down a flooded street ruins your car, your collision insurance will cover the event. Considered a collision with water, an insurance company will require that the vehicle is at your auto repair shop and that it can be inspected to show what the damage is and how it occurred. Looking at the engine damage and water soaked air filter helps the insurance adjuster to promptly get your insurance claim rolling.

Understanding what happens to your engine can help you make a better driving decision in a flooded situation. Your air filter location is the first thing that you should know on your vehicle prior to driving through water. The air filter always has a place where the air is sucked in. Measure the height from the ground to this breather hole and you will know how deep the water can be until the water overcomes the air breather hole. Once the water can be sucked in this air breather area, the engine will suck all the water inside the combustion chamber. Here is where fuel and air is usually compressed for an explosion of useful power to propel your car. The problem here is that when lots of water fills the chamber, it does not compress like fuel and air, ultimately causing instant engine damage to occur.

When your engine is damaged in these bad situations, choose an auto repair shop that performs quality engine repairs and or replacement. In some instances water can fill up computers, wiring connectors and other auto parts other that the engine. Getting a quality auto mechanic that can perform any and all necessary repair on your car will ensure that the car runs properly and the repairs will last. Choose an engine repair auto mechanic shop that repairs your type of vehicle on a regular basis. Prevention is good, but when the damage is done, get your vehicle repaired the best way you can by checking out your auto mechanic shop prior to the repairs.

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