A transmission service helps you maintain your transmission thus helping to last longer. A regular transmission service allows clean fluid to run through your front pump, torque converter, clutches, valve bodies and or other internal components. Clean fluid has a greater hydraulic property meaning it can help hole the clutches tighter and lubricate all of the internal parts far more better than dirty fluid. Check your vehicle service schedule or take it in to the mechanic auto repair shop to have it checked professionally if you are unsure.

A transmission flush procedure is a bit more complex than a regular service. Meaning, it will replace far more fluid than a drain and fill procedure. When the transmission is drained, up to half the fluid will remain inside the transmission meaning the fluid will be better but still up to half dirty due to the remaining fluid mixing with the clean fluid. A transmission flush machine exchanges the fluid by allowing the dirty fluid into the machine and forcing the clean fluid out in its place.
The procedure can be done on most makes and models.

A manual transmission fluid change allows the unit to last longer by removing the metallic residue within the old fluid. The gears, bearings, synchronizers and other internal parts will have a great benefit by keeping up with the proper fluid type and changing the fluid timely.

DSC fluid changes are critical for the direct shifts to properly work. These transmissions are like automatic shifting manual transmissions. They use parts like a manual transmission and a automatic transmission combined. These parts require the proper fluid as well as the maintenance schedule to be followed to help ensure the longevity of the DSC transmission.

A CVT transmission requires timely maintenance to help them last as well. CVT transmissions, also known as constant velocity transmissions, have a valve body, a main chain and variable sprockets that all require specific fluid to work. These transmissions are very temperamental and can easily go south if you do not perform the proper maintenance or use the proper fluids required by the manufacturer.

In conclusion, if you keep up with your transmission’s maintenance schedule, it has a better chance of keeping your transmission repair costs low. Specific fluids for each type of transmission matter to ensure the transmission functions properly. If you are unsure of the maintenance schedule, contact your auto mechanic shop and ask when is it due and how much does it cost. Make sure they specialize in your make and model and can perform the transmission service properly. Remember a flush is better than a regular service. If your vehicle can be flushed, choose this option.

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