Hybrid auto repairs are getting more and more common. With several auto makers such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, GM, Lexus and Infiniti having multiple models of hybrids, hybrid repairs are on the rise. These hybrid systems are unique since they conserve fuel consumption as well as increase computer dependency for cars and trucks. Looking at hybrid systems compared to gasoline type only cars, many systems are more intricate on hybrids since they have a gasoline engine communicating with an entire array of electrical system computers of a hybrid model.

Hybrid system maintenance is crucial to there survival. If computer systems fail on a hybrid, the entire electrical system could be affected. The hybrid computers perform a lot more system checks and may not properly function when any types of hybrid computer problems occur. Since the hybrid transmission acts as an electric motor, starter, alternator for 2 voltages and still works like a transmission, computers have a lot more decisions that must be made so that the car can drive. Ignoring maintenance on a hybrid can cause major hybrid components to fail that can cost a lot when the final bill is received.

Some typical hybrid repairs seen at the auto repair shops, such as Guy’s Automotive in Tampa, include hybrid system cooling problems, battery replacements, electrical code diagnostics and of coarse, all types of normal gasoline engine vehicle repairs and services. Hybrid systems overheating can overload crucial electrical components causing electrical part failures such as the hybrid battery inverter. Hybrid systems are quick to shutdown and may even set computer codes letting you know that a problem is there. No matter which hybrid repairs you need, all may affect the expensive hybrid battery. This is the battery that uses high voltage to power the transmission when the electric motor is applied.

Other types of hybrids include diesel engines, compressed air engines and all electric motor drive. These hybrid models all have their fair share of electrical / mechanical problems. It is a fact that many auto repair shops are not fully equipped for hybrid system repairs causing many auto owners to go to the dealerships for expensive hybrid repairs. As a matter of fact, the old mechanics that twist wires together to fix a problem can not touch a hybrid, it could actually electrocute them or cause major repair costs for you!

Repairing hybrid cars require the right equipment, the right computers and the right training. Some auto repair shops will try to repair hybrids and only complicate the problem more. Even the air conditioning systems are different requiring different procedures that some auto repair shops may not understand. Hybrid owners save money in fuel cost, but can’t afford to loose money on unnecessary repair costs.

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