The future of car safety relies on technology being implemented properly into the design. There are many ideas that will vastly affect the future of how cars will be setup. With computer technology soaring, there will be many new features to come that will help keep people and drivers safer. Some of the new technologies are already in place while others are soon to come.

Imagine car to car communication. Not the drivers, but the actual cars. With driving warning systems already being used to help make driving safer, features like autonomous braking and steering systems will eventually be advanced with vehicle to vehicle transmitters (V2V). According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, devices using the vehicle to vehicle protocols have already been successfully tested and confirmed to work allowing different auto makers vehicles to communicate with each other.

Left turn assist (LTA) and intersection movement assist (IMA) is a new technology designed to help reduce crash statistics. By adding specific sounds and warning images to rear view mirrors, these systems will help drivers by reducing the overall number of auto accidents. When used in conjunction with V2V systems, there will be a lot of data being calculated by your vehicle to enhance the safety systems to help avoid collisions.

Cars are already implementing the use of cameras and radar sensing devices for some of the latest safety systems. The use of a vehicle to vehicle (V2V) system will allow vehicles to share their data such as vehicle speed, number of occupants, and braking. By combining these systems within a vehicles communication network, other current systems will be able to use data to help avoid collisions where the cameras and radar sensors cannot see.

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